residential water featuresLandscaping is often an effort to recreate the beauty of nature, and water features — a pond, waterfall, fountain or artificial stream — can be a great way to achieve just that. Classic Landscapes, Inc. can help enhance the overall beauty of your residential garden or space with the addition of a natural water feature, an understated formal water focal point, or a combination of the two.

Decorative Nature Ponds

For many backyards, a pond adds just the right touch. A beautiful man-made pond is the perfect environment for decorative koi or colorful goldfish, or a delightful spot for a frog or two. It can be a showcase for varied aquatic plants and a cool relaxing spot to take a tranquil break in your busy day. Your pond will become the focal part of your backyard.

Natural Streams and Waterfalls

To complement the pond on your residential property, you can include a striking waterfall. A waterfall adds a stronger sense of motion to a scene in a way that a pond can’t on its own, and the sound of continuously running water is calming when relaxing outside on your deck or patio.

Formal Water Features

 Creating a formal garden focal point that incorporates water can be uncomplicated and even understated if required, or it can be very prominent and dominate a landscape. Multi-tiered fountains, millstones, urns and other artistic elements — including the creative use of specific custom art pieces — can highlight your outdoor water feature if you choose.

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