country_craftsman_homestead_22554-0087Nt_1280Retaining walls are an excellent means of adding visual appeal and vertical dimension to your outdoor landscape. Retaining walls not only create a stunning aesthetic effect, but can provide for your outdoor environment in terms of keeping your landscape functioning correctly at all times. Their purpose is to restrain soil between two different elevations, often in areas of terrain with unwanted slopes or where the landscape needs severe shaping.

The construction of retaining walls requires the talents of professionals from Atlanta, Georgia’s reputable landscaping company Classic Landscapes. For more than 25 years, Classic has continued to heighten the look and functionality of residential outdoor environments with high quality retaining wall construction, which not only provides beauty but also stands the test of time.

Benefits of Installing Retaining Walls

The creative use of retaining walls on sloping residential terrain can provide numerous benefits for homeowners seeking to improve the value of their outdoor space. From an appearance standpoint, the stair step visual effect is attractive, especially through the use of materials skillfully selected for integration with the look of your outdoor environment.

Retaining walls are also custom designed to increase usable outdoor space as it allows conversion of sloped areas into more usable sections of flat terrain, which can serve as a patio or other recreational area for the home. Low retaining walls can even be used as raised planting beds that add vertical dimension and interest to the flat areas of your lawn.

Begin Your Retaining Wall Project Today!

The professionals at Classic bring the right combination of construction knowledge and design skill to the design and installation of your new retaining wall. Our qualified installation assures you that you will receive a retaining wall that has a solid base, proper wall strength, and adequate drainage using a full range of materials that also make full use of texture within the design. Not only this, but you will have an outdoor feature that delivers maximum beauty for you and your guests to enjoy for years to come.

Let our team enhance the role of your outdoor environment with an expertly designed and professionally installed retaining wall. Contact us for more information or to get started on your custom built retaining wall today!

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