Davis pathThe beauty of residential gardens, swimming pools, and decks is that they can easily be upgraded further with the inclusion of a patio or a walkway. Connecting your home to your outdoor space can accomplish the goal of creating a natural and effective way to tie multiple spaces together. The flow of such creates a space that is enjoyable for you and your family for years to come.

We have available a wide variety of options for customizing your walkway including colors, sizing, and shapes. The Classic team is dedicated to working alongside you to create and achieve a spectacular design that completes the look and feel of your outdoor living environment. Classic is ready to help you with the necessary tools, experience, and supplies for transforming your vision of function and flow with a walkway for your home.

Extending Your Space with a Patio

Patios are a popular addition to any home, as they are the perfect space to spend time with your children during the summer, sit back and read your favorite magazine, or to host a backyard rehearsal dinner.

Classic Landscapes offers distinct patterns and colors that will best complement your home, extend the continuity into your outdoor living area, and give you a space from which to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Our work also functions to visually connect other areas of your home, such as a pool or garden. By doing so, you can avoid the break in design flow, which causes a particular space to be isolated from the rest of the home. The attractiveness of an outdoor environment is through the overall flow, complementing colors, and unique shapes.

Connecting Your Space with a Walkway

Another great option to amplify your home is with a walkway exquisitely designed, planned, and executed by the craftsmen at Classic Landscapes. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we work alongside you to build a walkway made from stunning stonework to complement your new patio. Through simple design choice, we can also complete the sense of continuity between both constructions.

Residential Patio and Walkway Professionals

Residential WalkwayA patio, sidewalk, or both: either of these options can add depth to your outdoor living area. Contact Classic Landscapes to get started today! We’ll help you pave the way to beauty in your landscape with the impeccable addition of a walkway or patio. The perfect enhancement for your home, which will retain memories for generations.


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Belgards locally made, nationally backed products have transformed thousands of residential [commercial on commercial page] landscapes across North America Since 1995. Their years of product excellence, and support with the latest advances in materials and design make them the our go to brand.

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