Residential Landscape MaintenanceOwning a home is a privilege that brings with it the responsibilities of keeping the lawn, landscaping and decorative features attractive and healthy year-round.

Lawn and garden maintenance is generally a seasonal task which involves numerous aspects: how and when your lawn is cut, trimmed and watered; proper care, pruning and watering of shrubs and flowers; maintenance of outdoor features such as ponds and fountains, decks and paths; seasonal cleanups and touch-ups. The list is long and often seems overwhelming. That’s where the services of an experienced professional landscaping company like Classic Landscapes, Inc. become vital. We can help you establish and maintain the beautiful and costly backdrop you’ve created to highlight your home.

Lawn and Grounds Care

Establishing a regular mowing and cleanup schedule is vital to your lawn and shrubbery. Classic’s reliable team will help you set up a convenient calendar for mowing, pruning and trimming, keeping your grass green, your garden beds leaf and weed free, your flowers and bulbs abundant and your costly shrubs healthy and sleek. Leaf and twig removal is another bothersome, time consuming chore Classic can manage for you. Utilizing our special team allows you to spend more time with your special “team.”


A vital part of any lawn maintenance program is watering. If this is not done properly, and within local environmental requirements, your plantings will suffer and you can waste large amounts of water, which is a costly price to pay. Classic can install an affordable water-efficient irrigation system to save you both water and money.

Maintaining Special Garden Features

If you have additional outdoor features such as paths, a pond, a fountain, a deck or gazebo, we can help you maintain them properly to avoid common outdoor problems: weeds, algae, leaves, wildlife damage, etc. Ponds can be a particular problem, and Classic’s experts can help keep your water clear, your plants healthy, pond algae and leaf free and your fish thriving with a minimum of effort.

Problem Solving with Construction

Depending on your needs, construction may be involved to solve some maintenance problems. Grading or construction of a retaining wall may be necessary for some areas where land is extremely uneven and you are experiencing soil loss. If your home is perched on a high spot and water collects after heavy rain or watering, you might consider French drains, a small irrigation moat, retaining walls, etc. If you need special fencing to enclose your property or mark property lines, to build a play area for your youngsters or create an enclosure for your pets, there are numerous options, and Classic’s team is always available to provide solutions.

Consulting with Classic Landscapes’ highly skilled residential lawn maintenance professionals will save you time, stress, energy, and, ultimately, money. Call us today for more information or to set-up a year-round maintenance schedule.

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