Residential Landscape LightingWhile beautiful landscaping does wonders for the appearance and value of your home, residential landscape lighting can enhance it even further. Classic Landscapes offers the homeowner a wide variety of options in outdoor lighting to accentuate your house, light your driveway and paths and add safety and security to your property. Lighting can illuminate and define landscaping, recreation and entertainment areas, illuminating anything from swimming pools and spas to patios and decks, providing both functionality and style. Lighting your backyard will improve nighttime safety for family and guests and ensure the overall security of your property whether you’re at home or away.

Form and Function

There are many types of lighting fixtures, materials and security solutions available when considering outdoor lighting. While fixtures are commonly made of wrought iron or copper there are a variety of materials available in styles to match or complement your home and garden. Custom fixtures can, of course, be made to your specifications. Your choice will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Classic Landscapes’ design team will work with you to select the perfect lighting for your home, then install and maintain the system for trouble-free operation.
Energy saving is a major concern when installing exterior lighting and there are choices that can lower energy cost and consumption. You may be surprised about the non-traditional options that are available in today’s lighting systems. Ask our lighting engineers about solar or LED options.

Lights On — Many Options

Classic offers a variety of automatic options that are easy to operate and will last for a long period of time. You might opt for energy efficient lighting that works on timers set to your schedule, or light sensitive systems that turn on automatically in the evening and off in the morning. Customers often ask for fully automated lighting that operates in conjunction with their home security system; or we can install a separate system to operate lighting in individual groups, in sequence, or in any series the homeowner selects. The choice is yours. Classic’s highly trained lighting experts will work with you to design, build and install a lighting system that complements and protects your home.

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