eng_ctry_2Many homeowners feel the only way to enhance the exterior appearance of their home is to embellish their landscaping. Unfortunately, they often overlook another option…customizing with a decorative driveway, fence, or gate by Classic Landscapes.

From the street, these elements are often the only visible parts of the home, the all important “first impression” your visitors, neighbors and passers-by will remember. The expert Classic Landscapes team will help you plan, design and install a driveway, gate or fence that is visually and structurally right for your property, needs and budget.

With more than 25 years of experience in the Atlanta, GA area, Classic Landscapes specializes in producing exciting outdoor environments for residential properties; helping the homeowner create a personalized, durable, secure system that incorporates varied combinations of fencing, gating and driveway.


A driveway is the first access point of a home. Customizing your driveway with a decorative apron, pavers, or inlays can create a tremendous first impression as people approach the house. Classic Landscapes’ professional landscape architects have assisted homeowners design custom driveways for more than 25 years. We use only the highest quality materials appropriate to your specific requirements, assuring that your new driveway stays beautiful for many years of continued use. While designing your new driveway, Classic can also plan for any security features you may require, including incorporation of columns, fences, and automatic gates.


100_3950A new residential gate upgrades the appearance of a home almost instantly. Homeowners can improve the security of their driveway by adding an automatic gate. Gates can be of metal or wood; can be simple and traditional or custom designed to accent the unique characteristics of your home. Driveway gates can also be motorized and automated with remote controls and call boxes for activation from inside the home. A call to Classic Landscapes ensures truly limitless possibilities.


Once a gate has been chosen, fencing is naturally the next step. Yes, Classic can patch and repair your existing fence a few sections at a time…not particularly attractive, or cost effective. And, of course, we can install any type of standard wood or metal fencing, even reusing the posts or columns from the existing fence. But, to really complement the new gate, to ensure the visual impact you desire, a custom designed, coordinated fencing system is the answer, and here, Classic Landscaping really shines.

Classic Landscapes has the expertise and experience to help you find the right solution to create the look you want within your budget. Give us a call today to start designing.

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