Flower Gardens

Residential Flower GardensGive your home a year-round facelift with a colorful, fragrant flower garden that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Classic Landscapes’ residential garden experts will help you design and plant an ever-bright, ever-beautiful garden filled with a variety of flowers, bulbs and shrubs for year-round beauty and enjoyment.
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Water Features

Residential Water FeaturesLandscaping is often an effort to recreate the beauty of nature, and water features — a pond, waterfall, fountain or artificial stream — can be a great way to achieve just that. Classic Landscapes, Inc. can help enhance the overall beauty of your residential garden or space with the addition of a striking water feature.
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Swimming Pools

Residential Swimming PoolSwimming pools are the perfect addition for homeowner’s seeking to add both value and aesthetic appeal to an outdoor living area. A custom built swimming pool from Classic Landscapes provides a great space for you to spend quality time in the summer with your children, enjoy a magazine on your day off, or host a backyard BBQ.
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Outdoor Spas

Residential Outdoor SpaAn outdoor spa or hot tub is a wonderful addition to your home. Whether it’s a two or four person unit for your family’s personal relaxation, or a large, luxurious adjunct to your in-ground swimming pool and cabana area, a spa is a winner. Design-minded Georgia homeowners want the best, and Classic Landscapes offers a fine selection.
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Patios & Walkways

Residential WalkwayThe beauty of residential gardens, swimming pools, and decks is that they can easily be upgraded further with the inclusion of a patio or a walkway. Connecting your home to your outdoor space can accomplish the goal of creating a natural and effective way to tie multiple spaces together.
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Retaining Walls

Residential Retaining WallRetaining walls not only create a stunning aesthetic effect, but can provide for your outdoor environment in terms of keeping your landscape functioning correctly at all times. Their purpose is to restrain soil between two different elevations, often in areas of terrain with unwanted slopes or where the landscape needs severe shaping.
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Decks & Gazebos

Residential GazeboNothing encourages backyard relaxation more than a beautiful deck or gazebo. And nothing connects your home and family to nature’s wonders like a deck or gazebo designed by Classic Landscapes, Inc. Whether your property is small and intimate or large and sweeping our skilled, experienced team can help you.
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Driveways, Gates & Fencing

Residential GateMany homeowners feel the only way to enhance the exterior appearance of their home is to embellish their landscaping. Unfortunately, they often overlook another option…customizing with a decorative driveway, fence, or gate by Classic Landscapes. From the street, these elements are often the only visible parts of the home.
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Landscape Lighting

Residential Landscape LightingWhile beautiful landscaping does wonders for the appearance and value of your home, residential landscape lighting can enhance it even further. Classic Landscapes offers the homeowner a wide variety of options in outdoor lighting to accentuate your house, light your driveway and paths and add safety and security to your property.
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Landscape Irrigation

Residential Landscape Sprinkler and Irrigation SystemsProper watering is an essential component of successful residential landscape maintenance. A well-designed irrigation system helps your lawn and garden thrive, monitoring and caring for it throughout the year. An automatic irrigation system prevents under or over watering & is a vital component of a worry free garden.
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Residential Landscape MaintenanceOwning a home is a privilege that brings with it the responsibilities of keeping the lawn, landscaping and decorative features attractive and healthy year-round. Lawn and garden maintenance is generally a seasonal task which involves numerous aspects. We can help you maintain the beautiful backdrop you’ve created to highlight your home.
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