Golf Home

This property owner’s request to bring the landscape to the “next level” was addressed in the design to do several key things.

Overgrown, unhealthy and out-of- scale plants were removed first. Existing irrigation was mapped and re-engineered by using low precipitation rate multi-stream turf nozzles to “gain” additional zones for shrub bed drip zone use. A boulder staircase and dry-laid crab orchard grilling patio were added in back as well as large leaf tropical plants such as banana, fig and elephant ears at the owner’s request. A flat and colorless front central planting space was overhauled adding a berm planted with specimen plants and annuals to contrast with the light color of the home helped this project win the 2012 Merit Award from the Georgia Urban Agriculture Council.

Tropical Backyard Oasis
Cottage Garden Entrance
Classic LandscapesGolf Home