Commercial Retaining WallWith the right materials and construction, retaining walls can be transformed from an unattractive structural necessity to a beautiful integral part of the landscape, and a striking accent to a commercial property. Given the natural slopes and hills frequently found in Georgia’s landscapes, a properly engineered and designed retaining wall can not only improve the look of your property, but also its functionality. With over 25 years of experience, out team of professionals can help you build a retaining wall that will provide you with both form and function.

Fixing Property Problems Beautifully

If your commercial property is on a sloped lot, we at Classic Landscapes, Inc. can construct a retaining wall in order to serve multiple purposes, including:

• Creating a flat surface for extra parking
• Eliminating soil erosion
• Controlling water runoff
• Providing landscaping spaces
• Supporting a walkway to your entrance
• Creating extra outdoor space

We can address these land issues in an artistic way so that the retaining walls complement the building and landscape. Classic can create any look you want using a wide variety of available materials. Some popular options are masonry bricking, both natural and cast stone varieties, interlocking blocks available in an array of colors, and much more. The chosen materials can have a large impact on the final cost, so discuss your options with one of our commercial retaining wall experts today. Classic Landscapes will always work to provide you the best solution for your space and your budget.

Contact Our Team of Retaining Wall Professionals Today!

Contact our team at Classic Landscapes, Inc. for ideas on how they can begin your retaining wall project. We will be happy to work with you and your property to design and build the perfect retaining wall that will transform your commercial property.

Imagine the ease of landscaping, the employee terrace or the additional parking you can attain when we design a retaining wall on your property. Don’t wait any longer! Contact us today to start transforming, preserving and raising your property values beautifully.

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