Commercial Flower GardensGive your commercial property a welcoming look with a flower garden that provides an abundance of color and adds striking appeal your space. Creating a striking commercial garden entails more than just planting a few flowers and trees around your commercial property. A well planned flower garden will change the aesthetics of your property, adding impact, color and charm throughout the year.

Whether your property is large and sprawling or a single urban building, Classic Landscapes, Inc. will convert that barren vista into a glowingly colorful garden space, or turn the typically cramped urban entry into a delightful mini garden with planters and flower boxes filled with seasonal blooms.

Add Color and Fragrance

With more than 25 years of experience, Classic Landscapes, Inc. has the tools and expertise to make the most of your commercial property. We’ll make your business property stand out with a mixture of perennials and annuals that give a pop of color year round. If space is limited, container gardens are very popular and easy to maintain. You can have them line the walkway or the steps of your office to welcome your clients and visitors. Containers can hold just one type of flower or different species that will work well together.

How about a container garden to set off your in-town restaurant? Think about a fragrant display of herbs to tempt your customers while providing fresh regional herbs to enhance your menu and charming flowers to decorate your tables. If your restaurant has a patio or backyard area, flowers and herbs can add privacy and fragrant beauty to your diners’ pleasure.

Do you own a larger special events property? Classic can help you design a delightful flower garden space for anything from an intimate outdoor wedding to a large corporate reception. Whatever you desire for your commercial garden, we can help design and install a colorful garden and enhancements that reflect your personality and location.

Year-Round Beauty

Classic Landscapes, Inc. will maintain your garden so that it looks its best year-round, creating a lush atmosphere that makes your commercial property noteworthy among your competitors. The process of planting, maintaining, and varying your plants over the seasons adds to the excitement of a commercial garden, creating a unique environment to be enjoyed all year…that’s part of the Classic plan. We’ll make your garden be the welcome mat for your clients and customers. Contact our team of commercial garden experts and get started today!

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