Commercial FencingIn both urban and suburban locations, fencing and gates help keep your business, employees and customers safe and secure during and after working hours. Custom designed and installed fencing and gating provides a look of distinction for both stand-alone commercial space or larger office and professional parks. More important, commercial fencing and gates provide privacy and security for parking areas and grounds, especially in congested urban areas and isolated suburban locales.

What Kind of Security Are You Seeking?

Obviously, the kind of fencing and gating you select depends on the type of property you have. A manufacturing site or warehouse requires a completely different type of fencing, gating and protection than an office building, or office park, a medical building or industrial complex. Location, too, creates varied security needs and municipal code requirements. Classic Landscapes has the experience and expertise necessary to meet these requirements, while offering numerous options combining the latest materials and security features, including:

  • Wood — There are many styles of wood fence and gate available limited only by your imagination. Picket fences add charm while rail and privacy fences in cedar and pine define your boundaries stylishly.
  • Steel and Aluminum — Metal fencing and gates are sturdy and long-lasting, and are now available in a patented design that uses no visible fasteners. While steel structures do require more maintenance than aluminum, they are strong and durable and may better suit your protection requirements.
  • PVC/Vinyl — Durable and elegant, vinyl fencing and gates stand up to all weather without chipping, rotting, cracking or fading, making them a maintenance-free solution for your commercial property!
  • Brick or Stone — These durable materials add a completely different tone to your commercial site: understated and elegant for an office or multi-unit residential property or for smaller buildings in rural settings. Stone may be the solution in an industrial or warehouse setting, where privacy and security are crucial.
  • Electronic Security Gates

    When you need to regulate entrance and egress to your property, security gates provide 24-hour protection. Levels of security can vary from simple to elaborate with automated entry controlled by inside guards, individual electronic openers, swing- or slide-gates; or custom entry systems designed for your specific needs.

    Classic Landscapes, Inc. has, deservedly, gained the reputation for quality fence and gate construction in and around the Atlanta area. Our extensive industry experience and state-of-the-art construction facility, allows Classic Landscapes, Inc. to design and build custom fencing and gating to meet any of your security needs. Contact us by phone or on our website to discuss your fencing and gating project. Let us keep your perimeter and sensitive areas safe and secure for many years to come!

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