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Commercial Landscape EnhancementWhen owning and operating a commercial property, first impressions count. Clients, visitors, potential customers or tenants take the appearance and condition of the property into consideration when it deciding whether or not to do business with you, and a well groomed professional look is extremely important.
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Flower Gardens

Commercial Flower GardensGive your commercial property a welcoming look with a flower garden that provides an abundance of color and adds striking appeal your space. A well planned flower garden will change the aesthetics of your property, adding impact, color and charm throughout the year.
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Water Features

Commercial Water FeatureIncorporating a well-designed water feature, such as a waterfall, can transform a simple outdoor area around your business location into something beautiful for visitors to enjoy. We specialize in high quality water features, which not only aid in your first impression but assist your business in standing out amongst competitors.
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Patios & Sidewalks

Commercial PatioSidewalks are designed to enhance the flow of the outdoor space surrounding your business or commercial property. We can help your business recharge its overall look and feel with custom stained and stamped concrete sidewalks or patios. Doing so will allow your business to stand out to visiting clients or customers.
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Retaining Walls

Commercial Retaining WallWith the right materials and construction, retaining walls can be transformed from an unattractive structural necessity to a beautiful integral part of the landscape, and a striking accent to a commercial property. A properly engineered and designed retaining wall can not only improve the look of your property, but also its functionality.
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Decks & Gazebos

Commercial GazeboDecks and Gazebos can enhance the value and appearance of your business or commercial property, adding curb appeal as well as refreshing outdoor space for your customers and employees. A custom built gazebo or deck gives your commercial property a uniquely welcoming appearance while providing a relaxing atmosphere.
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Fencing & Gates

Commercial Fencing and GatingIn both urban and suburban locations, fencing and gates help keep your business, employees and customers safe and secure during and after working hours. Custom designed and installed fencing and gating provides a look of distinction for both stand-alone commercial space or larger office and professional parks.
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Landscape Lighting

Commercial Landscape LightingServing a dual purpose, commercial landscape lighting shows off the plantings and features you have chosen to highlight your property while safeguarding your employees, clients, and structures during evening hours. The safety as well as the added beauty it brings to the premises, will be appreciated by all.
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Landscape Irrigation

Commercial Landscape IrrigationOne of the first things clients and customers notice when entering your place of business is the landscaping. Water management is an essential aspect of successful commercial landscape maintenance, and a well designed commercial irrigation system will help your costly plantings thrive.
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Maintenance (seasonal & management)

Commercial Landscape MaintenanceThe success of a commercial property owner has many aspects and, unfortunately, landscape maintenance may not be at the top of the list. A recognized leader in Atlanta’s commercial landscaping industry, Classic would like to change that mindset and keep your property in A-1 condition with an annual maintenance contract.
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