Meeting in person with all decision makers ensures proper communication and a smooth experience. After walking the property to listen to your needs we put together a customized maintenance calendar and action plan. In many cases we can start helping you in 30 days or less depending on your situation. When developing a new property or enhancing an existing landscape we will send you a questionnaire to help design a plan that fits your specific needs and budget. A color rendered drawing will layout the work that you can do all at once or in phases. Groundbreaking can start in as little as a couple of weeks depending on the time of year and what your goals are.
Depending on the size of the project and its complexity or simplicity the planning can take as little as a few days or a few weeks. When creating master plans engaging craftsmen, architects, interior designers, etc. we work with you at your speed.
We send a questionnaire seeking your ideas and meet with you which is the most important part of the process. Confirming the design fee, gathering details, taking pictures, making notes and accepting a deposit on the design begins the process. Experience and listening come together with creativity and practicality. A color plan view with color pictures of materials on the drawing will communicate ideas to you in a way that is unique to our process.
Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.
Here is where a professional process will set itself apart. Each design/build project is unique but many of the processes to do the work are standard. We use industry specific production values in a spreadsheet to calculate the time it will require to produce your project and take the guessing out of the equation. Our clients often are surprised on how efficient the process is and how quickly we complete the work.
While this rarely happens due to the nature of communication with drawings, written proposals and sketches involved the design is not finished until it goes in so we can tweak the design on site as needed. The beauty of design/build is in the process. Normally clients know exactly what to expect with pictures of materials provided on the drawings in addition to the rendering helping make the plan view read well.
Part of the beauty of a well thought out plan is how low of a commitment your landscaping can require either for you or us should you need our management services. We provide tips for you and are available to answer any questions you may have about your property.

Our goal is to be a partner with you moving forward.

Detailed oriented projects top the list as our training and expertise matches up well with high performance landscapes. As we complete these more intricate jobs we get requests to do the same level of work for our existing clients or their referrals. Property owners looking for more than “mow, blow and go” tend to call us and engage us for projects.
Our crews seem to get the most positive response from our clients since the work we do is so varied from the simple to the complex. Our work is different because our clientele is so varied so the one thing that is common to all of our client’s jobs is our staff of competent professionals!
You may have heard it said that size is relative. We utilize appropriately sized professional equipment on jobs to protect your property and efficiently expedite the work. Many years ago a client exclaimed that we were “cheating” when using a small mini track loader at their property- we don’t feel like it is advantageous to use large inefficient crews and take longer to do the work than need be.
Yes. Unfortunately in Georgia our industry is largely unregulated but we hold a Georgia Pesticide Applicator license as required to apply products commercially. Your new landscape will largely receive organic compost and natural soil microbes instead of man-made fertilizers. We hold industry certifications from our local and state industry organizations including the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation commission, GA DOT and GA Drug Free Council among others.
Your landscape is different than any other so you will receive a custom tailored plan to address the specific needs of your property. Most of our commercial and residential clients receive 45 visits a year, meaning that once a week we will visit your property April through December. Your award winning team will visit every other week in January, February and March to perform winter pruning and handle the last few leaves as they finish falling. Level billing each month allows you to budget appropriately. We offer seasonal services such as irrigation maintenance, annual color, pine straw mulch, deer repellant, water feature maintenance and landscape lighting maintenance. Seasonal services are billed in the month of implementation at your request.
Many publications such as Smart Money magazine document the great return on investing in landscape improvements. The design build process addresses the budget early on so that no surprises happen later in the experience as clients set and approve ideas depending on your scope and goals.
More often than not it is more comfortable for client projects to be implemented in steps and your own pace. We are certainly capable of installing projects in one phase if needed.
Your install team includes Georgia Certified Plant Professionals who are available to help you learn about the plants going on your property or that are already there that we keep and incorporate into the new layout.
Yes. Industry standard or leading warranties for almost all landscape plants of 1 year (annuals only live 6 months for example) and irrigation for 3 years give you piece of mind that professional standards are used. Longer warranties are available in certain circumstances.
Calling in public utility locates, placing reflective traffic cones among other safety procedures help minimize the risk of accidents in and around your job site. Monday morning safety meetings and smart hiring practices help create a culture of safety that has earned your landscape team national and local safety awards for their track record.
Why wouldn’t you? Warren Buffet says “Risk is not knowing what you are doing” and if you know that you are going to make an investment in your property why not do it once and do it right? It doesn’t have to be expensive unless you have to do it over again to correct issues that could have been addressed initially. Check references, look at jobs that are completed, look at staff experience and education and see if they match with what you are looking for and you will make the right decision!